Top Ten Ways How To Refresh Your Home

Even when you love your home the time will come for a refresh – In this guide you will find our top ten ways how to refresh your home, all without breaking the bank

They say home is where the heart is, and whether you agree with that statement or not, home is certainly where we are for a large part of our life. With that in mind refreshing your home is a great way to freshen up your life as well as your house.

Creating rooms that inspire, interest and excite us makes being at home so much more enjoyable and creates spaces where families and friends want to spend time together.

Refreshing your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, you can inject style and soul into every room, even on a limited budget.  

Here’s our top ten ways how to refresh your home. Share what you think by commenting below and please like and share. 

1. Create a Feature Wall

A feature wall is a great way to add character to a room and create a focal point. If you are wondering what counts as a feature wall? A feature wall is any wall in a room that you make a feature of… yep it is that simple.

Feature walls are a great way to inject different colours and patterns into a room. They offer a quick and easy way to liven up a space. Depending on what kind of feature wall you create they can also be really low cost, making feature walls a great way to spruce up a room on a tight budget.

There are lots of ways to create a feature wall, this could be a change of colour, texture or pattern. Painting and wall papering one surface in a room are common ways to create feature walls, but It could be a anything, such as mosaic of picture frames or a piece of art. You could even add wooden cladding or tiles to one surface in a room, the options are endless.

Top Tip: A great way to find inspiration for your own feature wall is to look at what other people have done in their homes. Search feature wall on google images to see an array of different options.

Feature walls can be high impact, but they don’t have to be. Even a subtle change of colour, texture or patterns can draw interest to the feature wall without overwhelming the whole room.

The Spruce dot com have created a handy list of tips for creating a feature wall, you can check this out by clicking here.

2. Repaint

Right so back to basics, a change of wall colour is a cheap, quick and easy way to freshen up any room.

Repainting a room requires minimum investment, just pick up a tin of paint, a roller and you’re ready to get started. Painting a room is the most common form of home improvement because it’s so quick and easy, despite this a fresh coat of paint can have a very dramatic impact.

Picking the right colour is critical, whilst individual tastes will vary there are factors beyond personal preference to consider. Darker shades will tend to make a space look smaller and believe it or not… darker, so for smaller rooms or spaces that don’t get good natural light, lighter shared could be more appropriate. It’s advisable to try some paint testers before you begin to paint the entire room.

Top Tip: When it comes to getting a great finish with painting, preparation is key. Masking tape and paint sheets are great ways to protect flooring and fixtures and fittings. If you do it right, it should take you longer to prepare the room for painting, than the painting itself. Don’t be tempted to skip the preparation or the finish may suffer, as may also your soft furnishings!

Graham Brown dot com have a great step by step guide on how to prepare and paint a room, you can access this here.

3. Change out Cushions and Throws

Replacing cushions and throws is a simple but effective way to update a room and to refresh tired looking furniture.

It’s generally wise to limit cushions to a maximum of three distinct colours for one room or things can look chaotic. It is also important to look for colours that complement each other, the human eye is the best way the find these. Take some time in the store and experiment with different colour pairings.

Top Tip: Take a photo on your phone of the room where the cushions or throws will go. Having a photo to refer back to when picking cushions and throws can help you better visualise what will go and what will not.

Urbanara.co.uk have a helpful guide on how to co-ordinate colours when picking cushions, you can access this here.

4. Create a Focal Point

An average room can be transformed into a great room by the presence of one special object. This could be an eye catching piece of furniture, a piece of art or an instrument, anything really.

Creating a focal point is about seeking out that one thing for each room that can make it special. A good focal point attracts attention whenever people walk into the room, inspires curiosity and always makes people smile.

5. Update Flooring

With people and pets walking over it all day its perhaps unsurprisingly that flooring can quickly show signs of tiring. Updating flooring is a great way to freshen a room up.

Taking up a large part of each room, flooring plays a valuable role in the look, feel and comfort of the space. Picking the perfect flooring can make or break a room.

The Spruce dot com have a helpful guide on picking the perfect flooring for each room and you can access this here.

6. Refresh Window Dressing

Our windows play an important role in any room, by letting in warmth and light and by allowing us to look outward. For this reason the choice of curtains or blinds can have a dramatic impact on the overall feel of a room.

Darker curtains or blinds can make a room feel warm and cosy but also small and dark. Whereas lighter tones can make a room feel brighter and bigger, but also less homely and colder. It’s all about picking the right window dressing for each room in your home.

Refreshing your curtains or blinds is a great way to breathe freshness into a room and to change the vibe of the space. When deciding between curtains or blinds, think about which look you prefer. Then consider the functionality of the space and whether you need more or less privacy.

With blinds you can easily adjust the amount of light you let in, whilst with curtains this isn’t quite so simple – they’re either open or closed. Blinds are a great way to create a clean space but if you are looking to inject more style and texture curtains may be better.

7. Accessorise

Decorative accessories such as rugs, candles, sculpture, lighting, and cushions can transform a room when used effectively.

Accessorising a room is a cost effective way of freshening it up on a budget. When it comes to home accessorising its best to go for unique, original items. Much better to have a couple of special pieces than tons of mass produced copies. You know when you see something truly special and so do other people, so always go for quality over quantity.

Even one or two well placed unique accessories can make a room. Antique fairs and even garage sales are great places to pick up great quality decorative accessories at a great price.

8. Declutter

One of the simplest and no doubt cheapest ways of refreshing a room, is to declutter. Too much clutter can make a room look small, dark and tired.

Decluttering can inject life back into a room and create more space to enjoy the things that you do value. Decluttering can also give you a great feeling of control and accomplishment.

Budget Dumpster dot com have compiled a great guide for decluttering and you can access this here.

9. Display Art

Displaying art is a great way to inject character into a room and freshen things up.

A series of paintings, prints and photographs are an excellent way of capturing the attention and imagination of guests.

To achieve the best results it’s advisable to first organise artworks on the floor, enabling you to find the perfect composition before fixing anything to the wall.

Homes and Antiques dot com have an excellent guide on how to display artwork at home, you can access this here.

10. Invest in New Bedding

Changing bedding is a brilliant way to freshen up your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Nobody wants to sleep in tired, old bedding. Investing in new bedding can have an instantaneous impact on the look of a bedroom and all for minimum cost. No doubt you will also sleep much better, and sleep is essential for maintaining your mental and physical wellbeing.

The Spruce dot com have created a handy guide to picking the perfect bedding and you can access this here.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully this article has given you some inspiration for your own home refresh.

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