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Over the years, the vintage leather jacket has remained a mainstay in any decent wardrobe. From the 1950s’ harsh and rugged biker look to the 1980s’ sleek and polished aesthetic, the vintage leather jacket has remained a fashion mainstay.

Personally, the first time I put on a genuine vintage leather jacket, it was a life-changing experience for me. I was astounded by how well-made the first vintage leather jacket was when I got my hands on it. My vintage leather jacket was beautifully cut, and the leather was wonderfully soft and pliable.

For those who, like me, are only now getting their hands on a vintage leather jacket, I’ve written this review to help you locate one that is just right for you. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 vintage leather jackets you can easily find on the market. Check it out!

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Top 5 Vintage Leather Jackets Any Man Could Own

A vintage leather jacket is essential for anyone who wants to add a touch of retro cool to their wardrobe. Look at these top 5 classic leather jackets any man could have.

Zillij Men’s Vintage Cafe Racer Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Any true biker needs a Zillij Men’s Vintage Cafe Racer Motorcycle Leather Jacket.

Everyone who rides a motorcycle and wants to make a statement while looking good should have this jacket.

It has a vintage, distressed aesthetic and a classic cafe racer style that will set you apart from the crowd.

The structure is made of high-quality leather, so it will last and be easy to use, and the many storage spaces can hold anything you need for your trip.

The hem and cuffs can be adjusted to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

A bold statement may be made in this jacket, perfect for the discerning rider. It’s a trendy piece that will stand out because of how it looks and how it’s been worn. It has several pockets and a timeless cafe racer style, making it practical for everyday use.

This jacket is ideal for long rides because of the increased comfort and durability of the genuine leather construction. The cuffs and hem may be adjusted to ensure a snug and comfortable fit, making this a must-have for motorcyclists.

Size: Fit to XS – 3XL | Material: Genuine Lambskin Leather | Features: Soft inside lining with two inside pockets

What I Like:
  • It is made of high-quality, full-grain leather, which gives it an authentic vintage look.
  • The jacket has a classic cafe racer look, with a collar that snaps down, zippered pockets, and a zippered front closure.
  • The waist and cuffs can be adjusted for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • The jacket also has a quilted lining and a metal zipper to make it last longer and keep you warmer.
  • It looks great with jeans, khakis, or dress pants, giving any outfit an instant touch of class.
What I Don’t Like:
  • The jacket is old, so it was not made in large quantities, so it can be hard to find the right size and style.
  • Leather needs special care to stay in good shape and last a long time, so the jacket must be regularly cleaned and conditioned.

★★★★★ 4.4 out of 5 | 277 ratings

Promising Review:

“Love it, quality build, metal zippers, keeps me warm down to 40 degrees, several handy pockets with zippers. I’m 6’1″ 240lbs got a XXL it fits great, perfect length.” – Spiritual Lover, March 4, 2023, on Amazon

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Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Classic Faux Leather Jacket

Comfort and classic good looks come together in the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Classic Faux Leather Jacket.

If you want timeless clothing, look no further than this faux leather jacket.

It has a timeless design and is constructed of high-quality imitation leather that is comfortable to wear and easy on the eyes.

There are two front pockets, a stand-up collar, and a full-length zipper on the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Classic Faux Leather Jacket.

Use the two front pockets to store your keys, cards, and wallet. The full-length zipper and the stand-up collar help keep the neck toasty on cold days.

The jacket may be made to fit the wearer perfectly thanks to its adjustable cuffs and waistband. If you want a timeless style, go beyond the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Classic Faux Leather Jacket. The synthetic leather material looks great and will last for a long time.

This jacket is perfect for the fashionista who wants to express their individuality via their clothing thanks to its fully zippered front and its elasticized waistband. The stand-up collar adds extra warmth, and the two front pockets are convenient for storing small items.

Size: Fit to XS – 4X | Material: Polyurethane | Features: Adjustable cuffs with snaps, two lower welt pockets, and one interior pocket with zipper closure

What I Like:
  • The jacket fits well and is made of a soft material that looks like leather.
  • It has a full zipper and a snap-button closure at the collar, which makes it even warmer and safer.
  • The two pockets on the front are excellent, and the classic Hilfiger logo gives it a stylish look.
  • The jacket looks great with jeans, khakis, or dress pants in any season.
What I Don’t Like:
  • It might not protect you as well from the elements as a genuine vintage leather jacket.
  • Faux leather can look and feel like plastic, which may differ from what some people want.

★★★★★ 4.6 out of 5 | 617 ratings

Promising Review:

“I gave this jacket to my son for Christmas. It looks great on him. He is a tall and big guy. So not easy to find jackets w a cool look. This is a Classic cut w a zip indoor pocket.” – BL, December 26, 2022, on Amazon

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Flavor Men’s Leather Flight Bomber Jacket Air Force Aviator

Guys of all ages can look and feel great with the Flavor Men’s Leather Flight Bomber Jacket Air Force Aviator.

This jacket is ideal for those who value excellent looks and warmth, as its design combines fashion and utility.

High-quality leather creates this jacket in the classic Air Force bomber style, with a stand-up collar, two front pockets, and a secure zipper closure for added warmth.

The jacket’s robust, durable leather is built to last for years. It has a quilted interior to further protect you from the cold.

The two front pockets are secured with zippers, while the two back pockets are left open.

The ribbed waistband and cuffs of the Flavor Men’s Leather Flight Bomber Jacket Air Force Aviator provide a secure and fashionable fit. The jacket may be tailored to your body thanks to its full-length zipper.

It’s a terrific option for any man who cares about his appearance and wants to keep warm at the same time, thanks to the combination of style and comfort it provides.

Size: Fit to S – 3XL | Material: Genuine Leather | Features: Removable collar or Hood, 2 side-entry pockets at waist

What I Like:
  • The bomber style gives the jacket a classic look, and the leather construction makes it strong and long-lasting.
  • The jacket also has a lot of pockets, so it’s easy to keep travel essentials in them.
  • The lightweight design makes it comfortable, and the aviator style gives it a classic look.
What I Don’t Like:
  • The jacket is only available in a few sizes, which might only work for some.
  • The jacket is made of leather, which can be hot and uncomfortable in warm climates.

★★★★★ 4.5 out of 5 | 1,103 ratings

Promising Review:

“Quality coat at a price I could afford. Very attractive on. Gifted it to our son-in-law who wears it all the time in cold weather! Would purchase from this seller again.” – Connie Phillips, March 5, 2023, on Amazon

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Decrum Brown Jacket Men’s Real Lambskin Leather

If you’re trying to upgrade your wardrobe with a touch of class, the Decrum Brown Jacket Men’s Genuine Lambskin Leather is an excellent option.

This jacket’s timeless design and high-quality lambskin leather will surely get you compliments.

The jacket’s color combination of black and brown is highly versatile.

The jacket has a zippered front closure, two side pockets, ribbed cuffs, and a waistline for a snug and secured fit.

The Decrum Brown Jacket for Men is made of genuine lambskin leather and is an investment piece.

The high-quality leather will last for many years with no maintenance and will look great while doing so. The lightweight jacket can also be worn alone in the summer or layered for colder weather.

You may rest assured that the Decrum Brown Jacket Men’s Genuine Lambskin Leather is a long-lasting purchase. This jacket is a fantastic buy and will become a staple in your closet.

Size: Fit to XS – 3XL | Material: Real Lambskin Leather | Features: Zip Closure, Multiple Pockets, internal polyester lining with quilted foam

What I Like:
  • It is made of high-quality materials, like 100% genuine lambskin leather, giving it a durable, luxurious, and classic look.
  • The jacket has a modern, slim fit that looks great on everyone, and it is lined with a soft, comfortable quilted material.
  • The jacket also has a lot of pockets, including two on the sides and two on the inside. This gives you a lot of ways to store things.
What I Don’t Like:
  • Genuine lambskin leather is a delicate material that needs special care and treatment to stay in good shape. It must be cleaned, conditioned, and fixed as required.
  • Lambskin leather doesn’t breathe as well as other kinds of leather, making it uncomfortable to wear in warm weather.

★★★★★ 4.3 out of 5 | 1,558 ratings

Promising Review:

“Jacket is perfect for me. Medium fits like a glove. I’m about 5’10”, 160#. Great leather. Not really appropriate for riding; I have a heavier, more padded and thicker one for that. This one is for an evening out.” – Eric, March 10, 2023, on Amazon

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Levi’s Men’s Faux Leather Sherpa Aviator Bomber Jacket

One of the most fashionable and adaptable outerwear options on the market is the Levi’s Men’s Faux Leather Sherpa Aviator Bomber Jacket.

It’s a blend of sherpa and imitation leather, so it’s soft and warm and won’t wear out anytime soon.

Sherpa fabric is excellent for cold places because it is insulating and warm. The aviator collar, ribbed cuffs, and waistband give this jacket a timeless look and feel.

If you want a fashionable yet functional outerwear piece, go no further than the Levi’s Men’s Faux Leather Sherpa Aviator Bomber Jacket.

The ease and versatility of the two-way zipper make it ideal for any endeavor.

The Levi’s Men’s Faux Leather Sherpa Aviator Bomber Jacket is the perfect choice whether you need a jacket to keep you warm in the winter or an outerwear piece that will continue to look amazing all year round.

Size: Fit to XS – 3XL | Material: Polyurethane | Features: Full sherpa lined body and collar for added warmth

What I Like:
  • The faux leather material is incredibly soft and durable, handling everyday wear and tear.
  • The sherpa lining on the inside is also very soft and warm, making it perfect for colder days.
  • The aviator-style collar and cuffs give the jacket a classic, timeless look, and the zippered front makes it easy to put on and keep on.
What I Don’t Like:
  • The sherpa lining is warm and comfortable, but it may need to be more lightweight and breathable than other materials.
  • The fake leather might not be as warm as natural leather, so it might not be a good choice for cold weather.

★★★★★ 4.6 out of 5 | 2,884 ratings

Promising Review:

“I love this jacket! I had one like it on a black corduroy many years ago, when I saw this style I jumped for joy! I have always loved this style and luckily it’s super “popular” again. Fit is great and it is plenty warm for central GA winters.” – Shawphi, February 25, 2023, on Amazon

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Vintage Leather Jackets

  • Size and Fit: Choosing a well-fitting vintage leather jacket is crucial, as wearing one that doesn’t sit right can be unpleasant and unattractive. Check the jacket’s fit and mobility by walking around to see if it feels good. This is especially important if you’re trying on a vintage leather jacket.
  • Type of Leather: Various kinds of leather, as was just mentioned, have their own particular strengths and weaknesses. To give just one example, full-grain leather is the most expensive and highest quality type, while suede is the least costly but also the least durable. It’s best to clearly understand the specific vintage leather jacket you’re looking for before shopping.
  • Style – There is a wide range of options when it comes to vintage leather jackets, from the traditional leather bomber to the cutting-edge moto. Determining your desired look before purchasing a vintage leather jacket is essential. This will aid in refining your search for the ideal vintage leather jacket.
  • Functionality – Another thing to consider when shopping for a vintage leather jacket is functionality. If you plan on wearing your vintage leather jacket regularly, choose one that is comfortable and durable. You can save money and get away with a lower-quality jacket if you only plan to wear it occasionally.


In the search for a vintage leather jacket, the Levi’s Men’s Faux Leather Sherpa Aviator Bomber Jacket has stood out as a top pick. A timeless classic, this bomber vintage leather jacket is the epitome of style and sophistication thanks to its iconic aviator details.

It has a contemporary look and feels while also being functional and long-lasting. It is made of a mix of faux leather and Sherpa, making it warm without sacrificing style. Levi’s Men’s Faux Leather Sherpa Aviator Bomber Jacket is the best Vintage Leather Jacket for 2023.

FAQ Related to Best Vintage Leather Jackets

Is vintage leather jacket good quality?

Vintage leather jacket is the highest-quality full-grain leather aged to a beautiful, burnished patina. Due to the unique flaws in genuine vintage leather, it is almost impossible to copy the look exactly.

How do you take care of vintage leather jacket?

Don’t put leather items on display in direct sunlight or bright light. If the leather is dirty or has mold, use a dry brush or a damp cotton cloth to clean it. Do not use saddle soap or conditioners for leather.

How do you know if a vintage leather jacket is good?

Armholes: Look for armholes set higher on the jacket. This allows for ease of movement and a better overall fit. The best-quality vintage leather jackets have different lining materials in the sleeves and body, and you will often see a higher-quality insulating material in the body.

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