How to Stick to Something and Not Give Up

Six Rules for Self-Motivation

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Six Golden Rules Which Will Enable You to Stick to Your Goals and Never Give Up Again

Struggling to achieve what we want is part of the human experience with our biggest obstacle to success usually being ourselves. Typically we know what we want to achieve but struggle sticking to our plans.

Maintaining momentum and motivation is a challenge we all sometimes face but there are things we can do which will help us stick with our goals and not give up. Arriving where we want to be in life is not an accident it takes intention, resilience and planning.

“It’s possible to wander into a mess, but not to wander out of one.” – Dave Ramsey

Follow these Six Golden Rules to Maintain your Momentum & Motivation –

Celebrate Successes

A key element of achievement is reward, without reward we can lose motivation and direction so it’s very important we celebrate our successes, even the small ones.

Rewarding yourself for a job well done is hugely important and is our way of saying to ourselves, thank you keep up the good work! The chances are nobody else will celebrate your successes if you don’t so remember to balance hard work and reward.

Think about each goal you have and how you will reward yourself if you achieve this. This value system is hugely rewarding and helps instil habitual positive action. Whatever the reward is I can guarantee you will enjoy it so much more when you feel you have truly earned it.

Manage Obstacles

Managing obstacles is about spotting the things that are pulling you off course and managing these as best you can. An obstacle to your diet might be the temptation of junk food in the fridge, in this case think about how this could be managed, could you just put it in the bin? If not could it be moved out of sight?

Manage Obstacles
Manage Obstacles

Whatever is hurting your momentum and motivation to achieve your goal be honest with yourself and look for ways that these distractions and obstacles can be managed and minimised.

Be Clear On the Goal

How do you expect to get there if you don’t know where there is? You can’t take decisive action towards your goals until you define what these are.

There is a very useful model that can help you define your Goals called SMART, which stands for:

Specific – Be specific with what you want to achieve.

I.e. Save up money for a round the world trip.

Measurable – Make your goal measurable so it’s clear when you have achieved it.

I.e. Save up £10,000 for a round the world trip.

Actionable You need to define the actions you need to take to achieve your goal.

I.e. Save up £10,000 for round the world trip, by saving $1,000 a month for ten months.

Realistic The action needs to be realistic.

I.e. Save up £10,000 for round the world trip, by saving $1,000 a month for ten months – This will leave sufficient money each month to live and gives a reasonable buffer for unexpected spending.

Timely Be time specific when you will achieve your goal and when you will achieve each step.

i.e. Save up £10,000 for round the world trip by December next year, by saving $1,000 a month for ten months – This will leave sufficient money each month to live and gives a reasonable buffer for unexpected spending. Saving of $1,000 a month to commence from January with the final $1,000 in October.

The above example gives a basic idea of how the SMART model can be used to define a goal and set measurable steps to achieve that goal.

Be Clear On your Why

When you are setting out to achieve anything hard it’s important to know why you are doing it and have a vision for your future that compels you to take action.

Whats your Why?
Whats your Why?

It’s easy to go for a run when you want to, but when it’s cold, dark and raining you might find you would rather not. It’s in these difficult moments where the why can sustain your commitment. This might be a vision for your future that inspires you such as having the financial resources to give your children a great education. It could be anything but if you are not energised when you think of your why you need to think again.

Momentum Takes Time

When we start working towards our goal it will often take us time to build momentum and for us to start to see results. It’s important to keep pushing in the early days as this will pay huge dividends later on.

So many of us give up on our goals because it did not happen straight away and we couldn’t see the results of our efforts. We can study for six months for an exam but if we give up two months before the exam there is no reward.

Momentum is incredibly powerful in nature and our lives. We can’t build momentum overnight but the more positive action we take in our lives the positive impact becomes exponential as the momentum kicks in.

Les Brown the motivational speaker once said he achieved his dream because be kept running towards it, even when it seemed impossible. At times it might not feel like we are getting anywhere but we can always be building positive momentum and eventually you will start to feel and see the benefit of this.

I would highly recommend Les Brown’s teachings which I have found to be both inspirational and transformational in my own life. If you are interesting in learning more about Les you can now get a collection of his work in the form of an Audio Book. You can view this on Amazon by clicking here.

Keep Your Goals Visible

It’s important to keep your goals visible as a constant reminder of what you are trying to achieve and where you are at with this. To start with make sure your goals are written down and somewhere you can see on a regular basis. I have my goals on a whiteboard above the desk in my home office so there is always a constant reminder of what I am working towards.

Keep Your Goals Visible
Keep Your Goals Visible

You can see the whiteboard I use on amazon here, I have two and have found the quality to be exceptional. Ultimately as long as you can see what you are working towards you are good to go.


I hope you benefit from the information within this article! You might also be interested in – How to Achieve Anything where I provide my principles for achieving success in life whatever your goal may be!

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