How to Become Super Organised

How to Get Organised

With enough time you can achieve anything you set your mind to! Here’s how to become super organised and achieve your dreams!

Time is a constant that rolls on and on whether we like it or not. When we become super organised we increase our ability to achieve our dreams and live happy fulfilling lives. With so many competing demands on our time organising ourselves can sometimes feel impossible, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are techniques that we can follow which will help us prioritise and get stuff done! Here’s ten ways how to become super organised.

1. Prioritise

The first way how to become super organised is to prioritise daily. If you don’t define what needs to be done its unlikely it will get done. Prioritising is about defining what you want to achieve and focusing your energy on this.

Try to get into a routine of daily prioritising either the night before for the next day or in the morning for the coming day. This planning time is essential as it reduces the risk of you getting side tracked or focusing your energy on low impact tasks that are not a priority.

Prioritise Daily
Prioritise Daily

Imagine how much you could achieve if you started every day with a list of three key priorities and fully committed all of your energy to achieving these before anything else… If your imagining you could get a whole lot done then you’re totally right.

Effective prioritisation is perhaps the most important step to becoming super organised. Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, CEO’s and athletes have stated effective prioritisation is at the heart of their success. In summary focusing your time and energy through prioritisation is hugely powerful.

2. Tackle Difficult Tasks First

Once you’ve prioritised what you want to achieve always tackle the most difficult tasks first. We all know the feeling when we have something we know we need to do but we really don’t want to do it. Delaying tasks we don’t enjoy causes us to worry and procrastinate.

By tacking the tasks that we really don’t want to do first we free ourselves from them. Otherwise we spend our entire day dreading these things and they distract us from those things we should be enjoying. By tackling and completing difficult tasks early in the day we are also effectively managing our energy.

As the day progresses our energy reduces so it makes sense to tackle tasks we know will be difficult when we are at our most energetic and fresh. We can also get a huge sense of achievement right at the start of the day by achieving something challenging.

If you want to become super organised always start with the difficult and avoid procrastination. Difficult tasks are often those which have the highest impact so focus on these first.

3. Get Support

The third way how to become super organised is to leverage other people’s time and energy. People who achieve great success are usually masters at leveraging other people’s skills. This is about recognising where someone else can bring something different and valuable to the table.

A phrase I have heard a few times that makes my point is “Frank Sinatra didn’t move pianos”. The point here is to achieve a lot we inevitably need other people’s support and energy. What if Frank Sinatra did move pianos? What if he manned the ticket kiosk? And did his own promotion? Would be have achieved the huge success he did? Personally I highly doubt it.

To achieve our best we need to focus our time and energy on our purpose and enlist others to do the same. Time, energy and willpower are all finite so it’s essential to recognise where a task would be better delegated to someone else.

Get Support Where You Can
Get Support Where You Can

In a work environment leveraging other people could be delegating work to peers or your team. Outside of work it could be utilising family and friends to help you with a business idea or to better manage your family commitments.

In summary remember you can significantly increase your impact by enlisting other peoples support at the right time, with the right tasks.

4. Manage your Energy

To become super organised you need to recognise that your energy like your time is limited. When you’re prioritising what you want to achieve you need to remember you’re not a robot. Look to make your days challenging but not overwhelming.

A great way to manage your energy is to balance your objectives each day. If you are taking on a particularly big task then keep other priorities for that day to a minimum and give yourself enough time to take breaks and to recover your energy.   

Study after study has shown that when we work with low energy we achieve very little. Some studies have found that for every extra hour we work on a task our productivity drops exponentially. To avoid this work in short high intensity bursts and give yourself regular time to take a break.

Taking 15 minutes to grab a coffee and have a walk can seem like a distraction but recharging is essential to retain your effectiveness. How to become super organised is deeply connected to how well you manage your own energy.

5. Budget Time

Parkinson’s law says that a task will take as long as the time you have to complete it. By setting and sticking to challenging but realistic deadlines to achieve tasks we can increase our impact and get more done.

From my own experience I know this is all too true. I often recall a day when I received some unexpected news that required me to clear everything in a day. Any other day I would have thought this was impossible, but it had to be cleared because I only had a day. Being in that position made me realise how much time I had wasted for so long.

When you are setting an objective define how long you will spend working on this and stick to it. To do this think about the scale of the impact if you deliver this and then budget your time accordingly. If delivering an objective could give you one extra customer you wouldn’t want to spend the same as you would on an objective that delivered a thousand.

Budgeting your time is essential to maximise your impact and doing this well is how to become super organised.

6. Manage Distractions

Everyone gets distracted sometimes because our attention reduces the longer we focus on a task. By acknowledging this and planning ahead we can help keep ourselves focused on our objectives.

I believe that maximising your focus and impact is about managing distractions and not avoiding them all together. Distractions can be really positive when they reenergise and refocus us on the task in hand. Where distractions become a problem is when they consume our energy and pull us away from what’s important.

Avoid Distractions
Manage Distractions

A great way to manage distractions is to balance your day with activities that give you a break but will also reenergise and refocus you. I find that taking 15 minutes every couple of hours to go for a walk and catch-up with someone is a great way to replenish my energy levels.

When you are focusing on an important task it can help to manage distractions. If you are working from home but worried the television could distract you then put the remote out of reach for example. Managing distractions is about giving yourself regular breaks but avoiding those things that could send you off track.

7. Get Inspired

Everything that has meaning is easier so to maximise our effectiveness we need to get inspired. Getting inspired is a great way how to become super organised because when we give meaning to our goals and objectives we are energised and excited to deliver them.

How energized would you be if I asked you to dig a hole in a field? What if I then told you the hole was for the foundations of a building? Then what if I told you that building was going to be an amazing home for you and you’re family. To keep our motivation and drive we need a vision for our future that inspires us.

Get Inspired
Get Inspired

Becoming super organised is about breaking goals down into to manageable deliverable tasks whilst never losing sight of the overall goal itself. If the prospect of being super fit excites you, you need to keep that vision close when you are working and sacrificing to achieve that goal.

8. Track Progress

A great way how to become super organised is to track your progress with your goals daily and keep a log of what you have achieved. If you’re new to this try for a day to capture on paper where you have spent your time and what you have achieved, this can give you great insight into what’s going well and what isn’t.

Tracking what you achieve each day can not only help you plan better in future it can also have a great feel good factor. It’s hugely rewarding at the end of a busy day to be able to reflect on all you have achieved. It’s also great to see yourself moving closer and closer to you goals and objectives and this can really help maintain your energy levels and focus.

9. Reward Yourself

Hard work needs to be balanced with rest and reward or you will burn yourself out. Try to reward yourself as often as possible in proportion to what you’ve achieved, this is a great way to maintain your energy and focus.

If you’ve achieved your key objectives for the day your reward could be taking a long lunch or finishing work early. If you’ve achieved something big then reward yourself with something that will bring you happiness.

To be super organised their needs to a reward for all our focus and hard work. These regular rewards keep working towards our goals fun and helps to maintain our energy and motivation.

10. Reflect

Daily reflection goes hand in hand with daily planning and prioritisation. At the start of each day you should know what your key priorities are and what you would like to achieve, reviewing this at the end of each day is very powerful.

This reflection time is very energising as it’s great to see all you have achieved. It also holds you accountable to the priorities you had at the start of the day. Have you achieved what you set out to achieve? If not then why not?

 Reflecting each day on your progress is a great way how to become super organised.


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