How to be Happier in the Moment and Live for Today!

Be Happier in the Moment and Live for Today

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10 Expert tips to Stop Worrying, Appreciate Life, Be Happier and live Today to the Max!

Even though we can sometimes find ourselves in places we don’t want to be its important to remember that life is precious and every day is a gift. No matter where you are, who you are, what has happened to you or what others think of you, this does not need to define you or how you feel.

Living in the moment is hard. It’s much easier to dwell on the past or dream for the future than to live in the moment. Our reality however is that the past is gone, the future is uncertain and we only have the moment.

So whether we like it or not the moment is where we reside and where we must live. The best way to achieve success and happiness in life is to embrace the moment. Think of it this way what you do and how you feel in each moment between now and a year from now will determine where you arrive in 12 months.

Follow the ten expert tips below to live a happier, worry free life and live in the moment. I hope that you find this guide beneficial. If you are striving to change your life you may also get some benefit from reading How to Achieve Anything.


1. Smile It’s Free

This is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario, what came first happiness or the smile? Most people would say we smile when we are happy and I would agree. Research has shown however that the reverse is also true, smiling does improve your mood and can make you feel happier.

In difficult or stressful times smiling can be really hard but try it and I promise it will really help to lift your mood. Smiling is also incredibly attractive and research from multiple studies has shown that smiling can make you significantly more attractive to other people.

Smile It Feels Great!
Smile It Feels Great!

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Think about your own experience with this, when you meet someone who smiles a lot… They just feel nicer to be around and they actually lift the mood of people around them as well. Considering all of this smiling is an amazing gift that can make both you and those around you feel happier!


2. Do what you Love

Life is full of stresses and commitments so we can’t always do what we want 24/7. When I say “do what you love” I am not saying sell your house, abandon the kids and go backpacking in Thailand. Doing what you love is about changing your mind set and incorporating things into your life and daily routine that make you happy.

This could be making sure you get to watch a movie with a loved one or enjoying a freshly ground coffee in the morning, it could be anything. We all have commitments and some we will feel better about than others, but your biggest commitment should be to yourself.

You are not a robot, you’re a person with a finite amount of time in this world. Try to do as much of what you love even if this is the little things. After a while you will feel so much better for this. Thank god for the little joys in life… Making time for a cuddle with your loved one might seem like a little thing but these moments are what makes life so precious.


3. Love Yourself

Loving yourself is about embracing who you are and stopping the judging and self-doubt. Nearly all success and happiness in life comes from within. If you can get your mind in the right space you can achieve anything.

The hardest part of living in the moment is embracing yourself. Love yourself and treat you like someone you really care about, someone you love. Think about where you are now, what you are doing and how you are feeling. Now think what would you say or do for someone who you loved in that situation.

Stop beating yourself up and take a moment to love you, you’re precious. If you’re not going to take care of and value you how are you going to do this for anyone else?


4. Socialise

As tempting as it can sometimes be to isolate yourself, this isn’t healthy and will over time impact on your self-confidence. Try to spend time with other people and relax, these relationships are essential to maintain a healthy happy mind.

When we socialise and have fun it really does impact our mood. How many times have your forced yourself to go to a social event and then felt so much better for going? Everyone does this, being around other people just makes us feel good, we are social creatures.

Spend time with people you Love
Spend time with people you Love

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Spending time with other is also vital to build and maintain a support network around you. You need to be a friend to have any friends so take the time to be with others and build relationships, sooner or later you will need someone to talk to.


5. Forgive yourself

Stop beating yourself up about mistakes that you have made in the past. Leave the past in the past and live in the moment. Nobody is perfect, stop being your biggest critic and forgive yourself!

Forgiving yourself for the past can be really hard but it’s so important. How can you expect to perform at your best and happiest today if you are trapped in a memory of a mistake you made years ago? So let go of this baggage and move on with your life.


6. Express Yourself

Expressing yourself is about putting across who you are and how you feel. We can express ourselves in lots of different ways, what we say, what we do, what we wear, etc.…

Expressing yourself is about valuing who you are and what you stand for. So be proud, express yourself and you will be amazed how much more happy and confident this makes you feel.


7. Have a Purpose

Having a purpose is about having a vision for your future that drives and motivates you.

In our most difficult moments it’s our purpose that can sustain our willpower and self-belief. This might be a vision for your future that inspires you such as having the financial resources to give your children a great education. It could be anything but if you are not energised when you think of your purpose you need to think again. Your purpose should inspire you.

Your purpose could be anything but it’s important to understand your purpose in life. If your purpose is meaningful enough for you it can sustain your motivation and happiness in the most challenging times.


8. Open Up

Everyone has things they worry about and these can sometimes be blown out of proportion. Remember whether your worries are big or small they only exist in your mind. Opening up to someone you trust about how you are feeling can make you feel so much better.

Open up & talk to Others
Open up & talk to Others

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Don’t bottle up your emotions, talk to family and friends. Talking really does help you get your worries and fears out of your system.  So often when you talk about these it often becomes clear just how absurd  these feelings are.


9. Take Care of You

You have one mind and one body in this world and they will take care of you as well as you take care of them. If you engage in a really unhealthy lifestyle you are quite literally hurting yourself. If you treat yourself with contempt it follows you are not going to feel great about you.

Taking care of yourself is not about taking the fun out of life or going for a run every day, although the latter could help. Taking care of you is about understanding you have one vehicle to take you through this world and if you abuse it, parts will start to break and fail.

Try to find some balance and at least have a conscious understanding that your body and mind are precious. No matter who you are or what you have if your body gives up, it’s game over for you as well.


10. Believe

The hardest thing in life is sometimes believing that things can change, this could be you, your situation, anything. All of these things can change and no matter where you are or how you feel today you won’t be in that place forever.

The hardest experiences in life give you strength and wisdom and will come to pass. If you keep moving every day and keep trying it’s amazing what you can achieve.

When you believe that you can change your life and you are taking action to do this things can change really quickly, especially how you feel. Even if you don’t believe pretend you do and I promise you one day you will. You just need to keep moving forward.



Thank you for reading. I hope that you found this helpful. You may also get some benefit from How to Achieve Anything.

Please feel free to share or comment on this article with your own tips if you think I have missed any, also please share what the key to your own happiness is!

Wishing you and all those you love health, wealth and happiness!

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