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Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to make the most of it than by hitting the beach with your kids? Whether planning a trip to the sandy shores of Florida or the sunny beaches of California, a boogie board is the ultimate summer companion for endless fun in the water. Embrace the sun, surf, and sand as we dive into the 21 top summer gifts for kids, curated by both experts and yours truly.

Regarding beach vacations, nothing beats the thrill of riding the waves on a boogie board. These colorful, lightweight bodyboards are perfect for young adventurers who want to conquer the ocean waters. Whether your little ones are new to water sports or seasoned surfers in training, a boogie board guarantees hours of excitement and laughter as they catch waves and ride the tide.

Boogie Board

From inflatable boogie boards designed for easy transport to high-performance bodyboards engineered to enhance their surf skills, our selection has something for every beach-loving kid. With our expert recommendations and personal touch, your family vacation will be filled with unforgettable moments of joy, splashing, and soaring over the waves.

boogie boards : Wavestorm 40" Bodyboard 2-Pack

Are you looking for the ideal summer gift? I’ve got your back! Consider these two soft foam bodyboards, which include a durable EPS core, tailored contour deck, and fast slick bottom skin. They’re a lot of fun to ride, and they come with a pre-installed leash plug and a detachable wrist leash for the ultimate boogie board experience.

Morey MACH 12 MDS 42.5"

You’ll get a faster and more responsive ride with its Mach Dynamic Speed System, Contour Deck Design, and Innovative Tube Rail System. Connect safely with the durable coil leash plug system, and ride the waves with the integrated fiberglass stringer. Its crescent-shaped tail gives it agility and control in any wave conditions.

Wavestorm-42.5 in Performance Foam Bodyboard

This Boogie Board is a must-have for any beach trip. With a soft foam structure, it’s great for both kids and adults. You’ll love how the strong EPS core and fiberglass stringer will give you hours of fun riding the waves. The deck shape and nose bumps provide excellent grip, and the Sector Channel Bottom improves efficiency. Plus, it has a leash plug and a wrist leash that can be removed.

Morey Big Kahuna 44" Bodyboard

Prepare for a fun surfing session with its HDPE slick and Phuzion core. It has an IXL deck for comfort and a single power rod stringer for longevity. In the water, the crescent tail form gives buoyancy and control. Furthermore, the leash keeps the board close to you, ensuring that you never miss a wave.

MOON LENCE 2 PCS Body Boards 33" - 41"

The supplied wrist leash keeps it near and safe, and the high-quality, lightweight construction provides a smooth ride. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned surfer, this board will provide you with a memorable surfing experience. Choose your preferred size and color, and prepare for countless fun waves! You’ll like it as much as I do. Surf safely!

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Morey Mach 7 Bodyboard

It’s perfect for solid waves because of its stern polyethylene deck. A lightweight and hydrophobic polyethylene core on the inside guarantees improved handling in warm seas. The HDPE slick’s flexible shape enables smooth wave rides. For all wave situations, the crescent tail provides fluidity.

Morey Cruiser 42.5" Bodyboards

42.5-inch bodyboard suitable for both beginners and advanced. Its Phuzion Core guarantees endurance and responsiveness in any water temperature. The IXL deck provides excellent surf grip, while the HDPE slick bottom with channels adds stability. The crescent tail shape lets you quickly surf waves, even in adverse situations. It also comes with a pre-installed plug and coil leash.

BeachMall 44" Body Board Ultimate Wavemaster

WaveMaster Series has the best performance and quality and is made for speed, projection, and life. Its crescent-shaped tail is great for drop knee and prone riders, giving them the most support while catching waves. Its strong, high-density EPS core and water-resistant materials are great for warm and cold water. It is solid and light, with grooved holes on the bottom, making it easier to control.

Wavestorm Foam Bodyboard 40" Complete 2 Pack

The Wavestorm 40in Boogie Board is a smashing success! It’s excellent for youngsters and adults alike, with dimensions of 40″ L x 20.25″ W x 2.175″ Thick and a weight of only 1.8 lbs. With a weight capability of 180 pounds, it ensures a smooth and exhilarating ride on those waves. This fantastic boogie board lets you have limitless fun in the sun!

South Bay Board Co. - 42" Razzo Bodyboard

It’s made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), making it sturdy and great for beach trips. This board makes you happy all day, whether getting waves or relaxing. With this fantastic gift for your summer vacation, you can ride with me and dive into a world of endless fun on nature’s playground.

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TANDM SURF Inflatable Tandem Bodyboard

You and your family will have a great time with the TANDM Surf Air Inflatable Body Board. Ride waves together, take great pictures with the built-in camera mount, and enjoy the rugged, military-grade PVC design. It’s easy to carry, fill, and move, making it an excellent gift for beach trips. Get this surfboard out of the box, pump up the fun, and hit the waves!

Morey Pro Series Mach 10 Bodyboard

The Boogie Board Mach 10 is a pro-level bodyboard that gives you the most speed and control. With a narrow design and a broad point, it’s easy to spin and ride in pockets. The 43-inch size is great for kids and adults, and the robust build will last a lifetime. The Surlyn Slick and curved tail make it easy to ride waves.

KONA SURF CO. The 4-4 Surfboard for Beginners Kids

Its 4ft 4in length and detachable fins make it ideal for youngsters and adults to catch waves. Its innovative design enhances performance, and its long-lasting construction promises hours of pleasure. Prepare for a memorable summer with the 4-4 Kona Surf Board, ideal for bodyboarding and surfing experiences.

BoardX Inflatable Bodyboard Portable Surfboard

The Boogie Board is an excellent beach buddy. It’s easy to carry and fits most backpacks thanks to two ergonomic handles and stainless steel D-rings. With a professional safety valve and plush fabric grip, safety is a top focus. It’s waterproof and durable, made of military-grade PVC, and will provide hours of entertainment for your summer travels.

South Bay Board Co. - 44” Sea Lion Hybrid Bodyboard

Sea Lion Boogie Board 44″! It’s light and sturdy, thanks to its EPS construction, for hours of fun in the surf. It has Future Fin Boxes as well as a Body Board Leash, making it simple to ride and manage. The board is 44″ long, 21.5″ broad, and 2.25″ thick, making it excellent for your summer activities! Take advantage of the best boogie-boarding adventure!

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Contour Surf DuoSlider 45'' Body Board

The CONTOUR SURF DuoSlider 45″ Tandem Bodyboard is the ideal boogie board for family surf enjoyment. Its durable EPS foam and sturdy construction make it perfect for parents and children to ride together. The twin handles and two leashes give safety and control, while the high-quality materials provide a smooth and quick ride.

boogie board : Wave Storm 42.5in Performance Foam Bodyboard 

You’ll ride the waves like a pro thanks to its soft foam structure and powerful EPS core! The fiberglass stringer increases longevity, while the deck curve and nose bulbs provide a stable grip. Furthermore, the Sector Channel Bottom improves your performance. It has a quality leash plug and a wrist leash for added convenience.

CBC 48" Big Bubba Bodyboard

It provides a great ride on the waves thanks to its EPS core, curved deck, and HDPE slick bottom. Furthermore, the crescent tail adds flair and control. Don’t be concerned about your safety; the PU Coil leash will keep you tied to the board. Ideal for XL riders 5’6″ and more. Prepare for a thrilling summer adventure!

Scott Burke Bodyboard Krypton Pro 42" Blue

With its molded XPE base, EPP core, and HDPE slick, this Boogie Board ensures a smooth ride on the waves. The blue and yellow silk screen deck choices add a splash of color, and the hydro hull curved bottom keeps the boat stable. You can hold it comfortably with side arm wells and a thumb rail grip, and the double pin rails give you more control.

KONA SURF CO. Coconut Body Board

The Coconut bodyboard is an absolute must for beach trips. You can easily surf the waves because of its hydrodynamic design and lightweight construction. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned surfer, this boogie board will provide hours of entertainment for the entire family.

ATUNAS 40-43" Large Body Boards

It provides excellent performance thanks to its HDPE slick bottom, while the sturdy PE and EVA foam composition assures comfort and resilience. The crescent tail improves control, while the functional handrail adds stability for competent wave surfing. Furthermore, the wrist leash keeps your surfboard close and secure during each surf session.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Boogie Board

  • Size: Select a board that suits the rider’s weight and height. A giant board is ideal for adults, while kids might prefer a smaller one for better maneuverability.
  • Material: Look for a body board made of durable materials like PE and EVA foam. These materials ensure both strength and comfort during rides.
  • Slick Bottom: Opt for a smooth HDPE slick bottom Boogie Board. This feature allows the board to glide effortlessly through the water, enhancing the wave-riding experience.
  • Tail Design: Consider the tail design of the board. A crescent tail provides better control and maneuverability on the waves, perfect for beginners and experienced riders.5. 
  • Handrail: Some boards come with a functional barrier, which offers added stability during rides. This feature is handy for those seeking more control and confidence in the water.
  • Leash: Ensure the Boogie Board comes with a wrist leash. It keeps the board attached to the rider, reducing the risk of losing it in the surf and providing an extra layer of safety.

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FAQ Related to Boogie Board

What is a Boogie Board?

A Boogie Board is a wave riding and water sports bodyboard. It is designed to glide smoothly through the water, providing an exhilarating surfing experience for beach-loving adults.

What is the construction of the Boogie Board?

The Boogie Board is crafted with a durable mix of PE and EVA foam, offering the perfect balance of durability and comfort. The HDPE slick bottom ensures smooth rides, while the cushioned surface withstands intense wave action.

How does the crescent tail design benefit wave riding?

The Boogie Board’s crescent tail design provides improved control and maneuverability on the waves. It allows for precise turns and enhances confidence during surf sessions.

Does the Boogie Board come with additional stability features?

The Boogie Board features a functional handrail that offers added stability and control during rides. Gripping the rail securely helps maintain balance, making it easier to tackle any wave.

Is there any safety feature included with the Boogie Board?

Yes, each Boogie Board comes with a wrist leash to ensure the board stays close by and reduces the risk of losing it in the surf. The wrist leash provides added safety and peace of mind during surfing activities.

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